Project Simplify: Declutter & Organize Your Wardrobe

project simplify

This week, Tsh launched Project Simplify over at Simple Mom. Each week for five weeks, she’s sharing a new hot spot and inviting readers to join her in decluttering & simplifying that space. I’m excited to be participating and decided that I’d give you a peek inside our home with vlogs instead of just telling you what we do!

This week’s hot spot is to clean out your wardrobe. We literally keep our wardrobe in a wardrobe, and I’m sharing how I approach this task in this week’s vlog:

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In the video, I share:

  • Why I think it’s important to declutter and simplify your wardrobe.
  • What I do to I figure out what clothes I actually wear.
  • How I organize the clothes that are left.

Are you participating in Project Simplify? When was the last time you decluttered your wardrobe?