Project Simplify: Manage Your Paper Clutter

file system
my husband's business files

Paper clutter.

Although technology makes it easier than ever to communicate, pay bills and do business electronically, the amount of paper coming into our homes still seems to be increasing.

Arts & crafts. Bills & statements. School notices & records. Magazines. Junk mail. Paper, paper and more paper.

This week’s Project Simplify hot spot is paper clutter. I’ve shared quite a bit about our systems already, so I’m going to pull all those posts together here rather than reinventing the wheel. Be sure to visit Simple Mom for more strategies and to see what other people are doing to control their paper clutter!

Like any system, our systems for managing paper clutter continue to evolve, but they’re working pretty well so far!

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Paper Files

Get a peek at my paper files and step-by-step instructions for creating a file system.

Arts & Crafts

Decorating contributor Lindsey Roberts has lots of great ideas for what to do with kids’ finished artwork.

Magazines {An Idea File}

Although this vlog is really about my home management notebook, I also share my method for dealing with magazines. I’m not willing to give them up, but I don’t want them sticking around for too long either, so here’s a peek at my “idea file”:

Homeschool Records

See our homeschool room and how I use binders to organize paper:

Manage Your Paper Clutter Vlog Series

Have you been following the Manage Your Paper Clutter series that Jessica from Life as Mom and I are doing? If not, catch up on the videos we’ve done so far and watch for more to come!

And More!