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Question of the Day: Do You Do Your Own Taxes?

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Do You Do Your Own Taxes?
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I’ve pretty much always done our taxes — with the exceptions of my husband’s business taxes since those involved franchises and corporations, which I definitely don’t feel qualified to tackle — and I’ll admit that I kind of enjoy figuring out the laws and forms.

However, after talking with a friend who is a tax professional about my tax refund, I’ll admit that I’m wondering if I’ve left money on the table (I don’t think I have since our situation is fairly straightforward even though I work for myself). For now, I’ll probably stick with doing them myself because it’s working for us — since we’re a single-income household with a modest income, we’re not really paying that much in taxes anyway — but as our income grows, I may reconsider.

Today I want to know…

Do you do your own taxes or hire a tax professional?

Do you prefer paper filing or e-filing?

If you use a tax professional, do you use an actual CPA or a company like H&R Block?

What’s your favorite tax preparation program?

Have you ever missed a deduction that could have saved you money?

Looking forward to reading your answers!