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Question of the Day: Do you judge books by their covers?

Do you choose books by their covers?

Back when Life Your Way was Organizing Your Way, we used to do a weekly “Question of the Day” feature, and I thought it would be fun to bring it back from time to time!

Last night I bought books for our upcoming school year, which is my very, very favorite part of homeschooling.

Don’t get me wrong: I’d have books even if we weren’t homeschooling, but this way I can totally justify the purchase of a ton of books as part of my curriculum budget!

Anyway, in years past I’ve spent hours and hours putting together the perfect list of books to go with our curriculum. This year, however, I’m feeling stretched from all sides, and I decided to breeze through the unofficial booklist from Brandy at Half-a-Hundred Acre Woods and select a few books for each topic without worrying about evaluating all of the options.

About halfway through the process last night, I realized that I was totally judging books by their covers. I want pretty, interesting books, not boring, stodgy-looking ones, even if the information in the “ugly” books is better!

I probably made some poor decisions with that as my criteria, but it did make the process a lot faster, and I ended the night with an order for 100 new-to-us books for our library!

So today I want to know…do you judge books by their covers?

Do you do it more for children’s books or books for yourself? Fiction or nonfiction? Have you ever discovered an ugly book you love that you originally overlooked because of its cover?

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