Question of the Day: Exclamation Points!

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QOTD: Exclamation Points
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Although I don’t use a ton of exclamation points here on Life Your Way, it’s usually because I’ve edited them out after writing my first draft. And if you’ve gotten an email from me, you probably know that I tend to use them liberally in emails. To me, an exclamation point signifies an upbeat, friendly tone, and since the tone of emails is so hard to read in general, I use them…often!

So today I want to know…

Do you use a lot of exclamation points?

What does an exclamation point mean to you?

Do you tend to use them more on some communications and not others (for example emails vs. handwritten notes)?

Do you notice exclamation points when others use them in their communications?

Do you think exclamation points are over used or under used in general?

I’m looking forward to reading your answers!