Question of the Day: Favorite Color for Decorating?

QOTD Favorite Color
source: AmpamukA

Decorating.  For some it comes so easy, for others it can be a struggle.  For me – I love to decorate!  I love to walk through stores or window shop and look at all the “goodies” and take those ideas home and use them.  I especially like to see a great color scheme somewhere and bring that home to incorporate into my decorating.

Whenever I visit someone’s home I take special note of their decorating colors and style and sometimes find myself wanting to have the same “look” as they do.

Today we want to know…

Do you use your favorite color to decorate?

Do you enjoy looking for new color schemes or do you stick to your favorite color?

How do you decide what colors will be in a new decorating project? Do you browse the aisles of your favorite store, or do you thumb through a color pallet?

Is there a common color theme through your home or is each room or area unique?

Can’t wait to read your answers!

Terry Newsome, aka Mandi’s mom, is a wife and mother as well as being “Nona” to four beautiful granddaughters. She recently joined the Life Your Way team to balance out Mandi’s black-and-white, straight-lines, analytical personality with her own fashion sense and decorating style and to help keep everything running smoothly.