Question of the Day: Fresh Flowers and Plants?

QOTD: Fresh Flowers and Plants?
source: jaaron

Although, I love fresh flowers in my home, I hate paying for them and I pretty much kill any living plan that requires regular watering — if I’m honest — so I don’t buy them as often as I’d like. But there’s something about fresh seasonal flowers that really adds a beautiful touch to any room and makes me smile, and I’m always glad when I do have some around!

Today, I want to know…

Do you use fresh flowers and plants in your home decor?

If you use fresh flowers, what is your favorite room to display them in?

If you use plants in your home decor, what is your favorite houseplant?

Do you have any tips for keeping fresh cut flowers “fresher” longer?

How do you keep your houseplants healthy?

I can’t wait to read your answers!