Question of the Day: Have You Filed Your Taxes?

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With just a little over a month to go until Tax Day on April 15th (also the 11th anniversary of when my hubby and I started dating, back before Tax Day really meant anything to either of us!), I’m embarrassed to admit that I have barely even started my tax preparation. I’m hoping to make some headway soon, as I don’t want to be stuck trying to sort out a mess at the last minute.

If you’re still working on your taxes, here are some posts from last year to help you get organized:

So today’s question of the day is…

Have you started your taxes? Have you filed already?

Where are you in the process?

What things do you wish you’d done differently? Will you do them differently this coming year?

What’s the hardest part about filing your taxes?

Mandi Ehman at Organizing Your Way