Question of the Day: Have You Made Summer Plans?

What Plans Have You Made for Summer?
source: icelight

This may be one of our busiest summers yet, but so far it feels like the kind of busy that we actually enjoy — seeing friends and family, going places together, enjoying all that life has to offer. I’m trying to be mindful of where busy crosses the line into too busy, but I also want to make the most of the time we have together…it’s a fine line, no?

High on our list of plans are a special visit with my grandma, a trip to Philadelphia to visit both the Please Touch Museum and the Academy of Natural Sciences, a couple weeks of VBS, field trips, soccer, a youth group reunion and more!

I’m thankful for my color-coded Google Calendar to keep track of both work commitments and activities, and I’m leaving plenty of white space around the colored blocks to make sure we don’t get burnt out.

So today I want to know…

Have you started making summer plans?

Is this an on-the-go summer for you or a stay-home-and-chill kind of summer for you?

What’s on your must-do list for summer?

How do you define the difference between busy and too busy?

Looking forward to reading your answers!

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