Question of the Day: How Do You Celebrate Birthdays?

source: Rob J Brooks

We try to make a big deal out of birthdays in our home, but I find that if I don’t start planning early enough, they get pushed to the side by the busyness of life. For that same reason, I’m really not great at remembering and celebrating the birthdays of our extended family and friends. One of my goals this year has been to do better about birthdays for our parents and siblings. Maybe next year I’ll work on doing better about our friends’ birthdays as well.

Today I want to know…

How do you celebrate birthdays?

Do you have special traditions?

How do you keep track of upcoming birthdays?

Do you send cards and/or gifts to extended family and friends?

Do you prefer low-key celebrations or elaborate parties?

What is the hardest part about birthday celebrations for you? Lack of time? Money? Energy?

Looking forward to reading your comments!

Mandi Ehman at Organizing Your Way