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Question of the Day: How do you choose books?

How do you choose books?

Because I get asked every time I share a picture, my “Please go away, I’m introverting” mug is from Etsy! 🙂

Anne at Modern Mrs. Darcy posts a list of Kindle deals each and every day, and as I browse those deals each day, I’ve realized something about myself: I have a hard time choosing books based on their description alone.

When I choose a new book, even one that only costs $1.99, I want to know what real people thought about the book. Because I can’t help but read the negative reviews, a few thoughtful negative reviews is enough to make me doubt my purchase, even on a book with overwhelming positive reviews and 4.5+ stars.

On the other hand, if one person I know and trust says they enjoyed the book, suddenly all of those negative reviews lose their power.

So today I want to know…

How do you choose books?

Do you make a decision on the description alone?

Do you read through the reviews? (And if so, are you drawn to the positive or negative reviews?)

Do you have a community of readers who you trust for book recommendations?

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