Question of the Day: How Has Technology Made Your Life Easier?

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source: Jamison Young

I recently finished reading Last Light by Terri Blackstock (which is still available free for the Kindle!), a story that follows a family in the South after an unexplained atmospheric event renders all electronics, communication, transportation, financial institutions, media and even governments useless around the world.

The book focuses on one family and their faith as they walk through life without modern conveniences, and I couldn’t help but try to imagine what life would be like if suddenly there was no electricity and all of our devices and gadgets stopped working.

Although technology often gets a bad rap, I can’t imagine life without the computer or internet (which allows our family to be home together every day), without a refrigerator or a well pump, or without the ability to communicate with friends and family in nearby cities and across the country.

There’s no doubt that technology makes our lives easier, and today I want to know…

How has technology made your life easier?

What technological advance are you most thankful for?

What one thing can you not imagine living without?

What are you most looking forward to as technology continues to develop?

Looking forward to reading your answers!