Question of the Day: How Often Do Your Reorganize?

source: Zach Klein
source: Zach Klein

Last week, I was straining to reach some books on a higher shelf in one of our kitchen garage cabinets when I realized that stretching to reach those books several times a week frustrates me. It’s not a huge frustration or anything, just a nagging feeling whenever I know I need to get to one of them.

I spent a few minutes looking at everything in the cabinet and coming up with an idea to reorganize it so that it would be less frustrating, and the next day I moved the shelves around to make the things I use more often more accessible. Since then, getting to the books has become much less of a chore.

I often reorganize things when I realize they’re not quite working for us anymore, and today’s question of the day is:

Do you reorganize often as you go about your daily life, or do you wait until a designated “spring clean” to change things around?

Is there anything you can think of right now that’s been bugging you that you could reorganize to make less frustrating?

What is the biggest thing that keeps you from reorganizing?

What area of your home do you find yourself reorganizing most often?

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!