Question of the Day: Mac or PC?

Mac versus PC
source: Ed Yourdon

I purchased a new computer a couple of weeks ago — a monster desktop after years of working my laptops to death, literally — and I really struggled with the whole Mac versus PC debate.

In the end, I went with a PC, both because of my experience (my last Dell desktop is over 10 years old and we still use it) and — to be honest — because of the cost. I know all the arguments about why the extra expense with a Mac is worth it, but the bottom line is I got everything I wanted for several hundred dollars less than a similar Mac with a smaller monitor.

That said, I’m fascinated by how passionate some people are about their computer choices (ahem, especially Mac users), and today’s question of the day is:

Do you have a Mac or a PC? Why?

Do you love your computer?

What is the biggest factor in your computer purchase(s)?

If you’re a Mac user, have you ever regretted the decision?

If you’re a PC user, have you ever considered a Mac?

Mandi Ehman at Organizing Your Way