Question of the Day: Self-Employment and the Holidays

work-life balance
source: D. Sharon Pruitt

Being self-employed — whether you’re a blogger, a shop owner or a freelancer — can be especially difficult during the holidays, especially if you’re a one-man show! Although working for yourself should ideally allow you to set your schedule and priorities, it can also mean that there’s no one to cover your business so you can take time off to focus on your family.

I try to intentionally plan for these times way in advance so that I can take care of as much ahead of time as I can to give me more flexibility to enjoy the holidays with my family.

Today I want to know…

If you’re self-employed, how do you handle your business during the holidays?

Do you shut things down and take off completely?

Do you work ahead to give yourself more flexibility?

Is trying to find work-life balance more stressful for you at the holidays?

Looking forward to reading your answers!