Question of the Day: Share Your Organizing Successes

source: kevinthoule
source: kevinthoule

On an organizing blog like this, it’s easy to set up some kind of ideal that makes others feel like they’re never organized or productive enough. That is definitely not what I want Organizing Your Way to become, and today I want to hear your organizing successes!

Whether you’re a very organized person or someone who’s generally disorganized, what is one area of your home or life that you’re very proud of and feel like you’ve got under control?

What area makes you the most proud of your organization skills?

What room in your home do you most enjoy being in because of the way you’ve organized it?

Where have you made the biggest changes and accomplished the most in your quest to get organized?

What mindsets have you changed along the way to getting organized — about stuff, organizing, clutter or time management?

Can’t wait to hear from you!