Question of the Day: Biggest Time Wasters?

Time Wasters
source: liquidnight

We all have them, things that suck away little bits of our time here or there. I don’t mean hobbies, which are things you do because you love them (even if you do end up getting lost in them and spending more time than you planned!). Instead, I mean the things that draw you in and then leave you wondering why you spent so much time on them anyway. They usually leave you feeling drained rather than energized and frustrated at the time you’ve wasted.

Today I want to know…

What are your time wasters?

Is it the internet? Blog hopping? Facebook?

Is it an iPhone app? Video game?

Is it day-time TV?

Browsing the aisles of your local big box store?

Something else?

Can’t wait to read your comments (and hoping I’m not the only one who finds myself wasting time on some of those things)!

Mandi Ehman at Organizing Your Way