Question of the Day: What is Your Favorite Christmas Tradition?

christmas traditions
source: Carrie Stephens

I’m big on traditions. I love looking forward to the same things year after year and building those special memories together. My favorite Christmas tradition is coming home from Christmas Eve service and watching the girls open their special Christmas pajamas while we get hot chocolate (with marshmallows, of course!) ready to drink while we read The Night Before Christmas.

We don’t actually put a lot of emphasis on Santa Claus, but this is a special time for us as the girls wind down from a full day of visiting family and anticipate Christmas morning!

Today I want to know…

What is your favorite Christmas tradition?

Is it a tradition from your childhood or a new one that your family has created?

What makes it so special for your family?

Are traditions important to you in general?

Looking forward to reading your answers!