Question of the Day: What is Your Favorite Part of Spring?

Fall is my favorite season, but I always forget that in the spring!

Watching the grass turn green, the leaves come out on the trees and the first flower blossoms appear is just so refreshing. And while the urge I get to clean and declutter gives me more to do, the end result always leaves me smiling with contentment as I clear the clutter we’ve accumulated over the winter.

Last night I cleaned out our coat closet, swapping out the snowsuits, coats and boots for gardening tools, beach towels and kites. When my five year old opened the door this morning to get her shoes, she said, “Wow, Mom, this looks great!” And that’s how I feel when I peek into the closets, cabinets and drawers that I’ve already finished as well!

So today I want to know…

What is your favorite part of spring?

Do you enjoy opening the windows to let the fresh air and sunshine in?

Are you already busily planning your garden and tending to your seedlings?

Have you started taking long walks as a family once again?

Do you enjoy spring cleaning and clearing the clutter out of your home?

Do you have any special Spring traditions?

Looking forward to your comments!

Mandi Ehman at Organizing Your Way