Question of the Day: What Is Your Food Style?

QOTD: What Is Your Food Style?
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I love to cook, but only if I’m cooking a big special meal.  For instance, I love to put together our family’s Thanksgiving Day meal or prepare a meal with a theme for a dinner party or a get together with friends, but I do not like to cook our everyday meals.  Instead, I’d much rather pop something in the toaster for breakfast, heat something up for lunch and pick something up for dinner than spend the time fixing those everyday, ordinary meals.

So today, we want to know…

What is your food style?

Do you enjoy fixing from-scratch, whole food dishes, or do you find yourself reaching for boxes and bowls of prepared food?

Do you like to cook simple meals or exotic meals?

What is your favorite food to prepare?

Does preparing big, special meals for lots of people or special occasions intimidate you?

Do you like to try new recipes?

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Terry Newsome, aka Mandi’s mom, is a wife and mother as well as being “Nona” to four beautiful granddaughters. She recently joined the Life Your Way team to balance out Mandi’s black-and-white, straight-lines, analytical personality with her own fashion sense and decorating style and to help keep everything running smoothly.