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source: Mandi Ehman

Question of the Day: What Kind of Food Storage Containers Do You Use?

In the six-and-a-half years that I’ve been married and managing my own household, I’ve never owned nice food storage containers. I’ve used the “throwaway” Glad containers (without actually throwing them away!), a cheap set from Ikea and most recently, old sour cream, ricotta cheese and yogurt containers. They’ve all worked just fine, and I figured the nicer storage containers were probably a waste of money (while also dreaming of getting a nice set of glass ones sometime in the future!).

But this week that all changed. I had the opportunity sample a few different sets of Rubbermaid containers, and to be honest, I debated whether to even accept the offer because I’m committed to decluttering and only accepting product samples to review that meet a need we have or that I really, really want.

However, I have been kind of frustrated with the chaos that comes from reusing different colored/sized food containers, and so I decided this might just be worth trying.

Honestly, since opening the box last week, I’ve realized that having beautiful containers with matching lids that neatly stack together in my cabinet makes me happy. Such a silly thing to get excited about (at least I know it, right?), but I love the way they look stacked in my kitchen drawer, and I’m not sure I’ll ever go back. Although I’m still hoping for the glass ones at some point, I’ll still keep the Rubbermaid ones for traveling, picnics, etc.

What makes these containers great, besides the aesthetic appeal, is the function of each one:

Easy Find Lids
The lids from almost all (all?) of Rubbermaid’s new containers snap together and/or to the bottom of each container to make them easy to store and easy to find.

Produce Savers
With this ingenious design, cut up produce sits on a stand to keep it away from the moisture in the bottom of the container so that it stays good longer! The vented tray snaps to the lids to keep them together as well.

With an extra tight seal and locking lids, these containers give peace of mind so that you’re not worrying about messy spills.

These easy-to-clean containers are stain resistant and also feature Flex & Seal lids which seal tightly for freshness and are easy to open and close.

Question of the Day

What kind of food storage containers do you use? If money wasn’t an issue, what would your ideal food storage containers be? Which option least appeals to you?