Question of the Day: What Magazines Do You Read?

QOTD: What Magazines Do You Read?
source: Monica's Dad

Although I’ve given up most of my paper books in favor of my Kindle, there’s something about magazines that I’m just not ready to let go of.  I love to flip through magazines, make notes and tear out pages to add to my tickler file for later reference.  It’s a different kind of browsing than I do on the internet, and I’m not ready to abandon it completely just yet.

Right now my favorites by far are Shop Smart, Real Simple and Family Fun. I’m always watching for a subscription deal on them, but I’m willing to pay for them if I can’t find a steal!

Today I want to know…

What magazines do you read?

Would you pay full price for your favorite magazine?

Do you pick your magazines up while you are shopping or are they delivered to your home?

Do you prefer paper books or have you gone completely electronic for your reading materials?

Do you own a Kindle or other type of of electronic reading device, or do you browse the internet for your electronic reading?

Looking forward to checking out your favorites!