Question of the Day: What Part of Motherhood Surprises You?

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Before I had kids, I babysat a ton, took child development courses, worked in a preschool, nannied for triplets and even ran a home daycare, so I was about as prepared for motherhood as you can get without having your own children.

But as prepared as I was, there are still things that catch me off guard every day — the realization that every decision I make has an impact; the worry that pierces my soul unexpectedly when I realize how fragile life is; and the intense “like” I feel for my kids, on top of the love that I expected to feel.

Today I want to know…

What part of motherhood has surprised you the most?

Is it the amount of energy and never-ending to-do list?

Is it the emotions that accompany motherhood — the love as well as the frustration?

Is it something mundane that you simply hadn’t thought about or something big and philosophical?

Looking forward to reading your answers!