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Question of the Day: What’s most important to you in a home?

House-buying criteria

Despite my attempts to stick my head in the sand, we’ve begun looking at houses with our agent to get a feel for what is available and what is important to us in a home.

Yesterday I realized that I really only have a few requirements and that I could happily say yes to anything that meets these:

  • No more than 1,800-2,000 square feet. We’ve come across a few “deals” for larger homes, but I really do not want any more space. I like having a smaller home (that would have felt huge 50 years ago, if we’re honest!) and I think having more space would just end up meaning more space to store junk. If we weren’t home together all day every day, we could probably go even smaller, but we would still like to have room to spread out during the day.
  • A piano/homeschool room. We currently do school at the kitchen table and practice piano in the middle of the house, both of which work fine but could be better. I don’t want a school room to confine the kids to during school but simply as a home base for our homeschooling books, supplies, etc. And as piano practice takes more and more time for each of the girls, a piano room where the sound can be somewhat contained sounds perfect (no pun intended!).
  • An interesting lot. I have been mourning the loss of our acreage a bit, and while we may still be able to find acreage closer to town, I realized yesterday that the girls don’t necessarily need a huge amount of land just as long as the land we do have is interesting. One of the lots we looked at had tons of trees and a steep hill on the side, and the girls were in heaven running around, collecting sticks, planning out a fort, etc.

Today I want to know…what is your most important house criteria?

Is it size? Layout? Does your current home meet that criteria, or is it something you realized you wanted after moving? What did you think was important but later realized didn’t matter all that much?

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