Question of the Day: What’s your best morning sickness remedy?

Question of the Day: What’s your best morning sickness remedy?

Jelly beans for morning sickness

I’ve done these questions of the day sporadically over the last year, but I may just be pulling them out of my pocket more often over the next few weeks as I struggle to balance homeschooling and blogging and working with the symptoms of the first trimester.

I am flat-out exhausted, sleeping 10-12 hours a night (with a bout of insomnia in the middle of the night almost every night, ugh!) and I’m so nauseous that sometimes it’s all I can do to just curl up on the couch and stare at my phone.

So far, I’ve been eating carbs like crazy (with a few handfuls of Starburst jelly beans in between), since the only time the morning sickness goes away is while I’m actually eating, but that plan is not sustainable unless I want to gain all 35 pounds in the first trimester!

So today I want to know…

What is your best morning sickness remedy?

What foods did you crave during the first trimester? (For me, it’s spicy food!)

What foods made your stomach turn?

How long did your morning sickness last (each day and into your pregnancy)?

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  1. Great timing. I just found out I am expecting our fourth. I get evening sick, till 16 weeks. So bad last time I could not get out of bed in the evening for my sons family birthday

    The Ginger Altoids or Newman’s Own “mints” help me. Super strong.
    And Toast with Kraft Peanut Butter (imported from Canada) helps too and keeps me going.

  2. I had mild “late morning” sickness when I was pregnant. I didn’t realize I WAS pregnant until I was almost in my second trimester so I didn’t make the connection at the time. Mostly I just ate mashed potatoes 🙂

  3. I had pretty much all day sickness for the first 15 weeks. I found that preggie pops and seabands worked best. Keeping a little something on my stomach at all times helped too. I ate tortellini soup continually. I think the chicken broth aspect was helpful.

  4. I learned with my 3rd that I had to eat SOMETHING (a few saltines, a handful of cheerios) as soon as I woke up, even if I REALLY didn’t want to. It helped keep the sickness at bay. I don’t know if it would work for everyone in every pregnancy, but it’s worth a shot. With my first, NOTHING worked, so there’s that…

  5. I feel your pain!! And I have absolutely no advice as I was completely helpless and miserable. So, all I’m going to offer is this: Don’t eat anything you want to enjoy after your pregnant, because it will make you nauseous for years to come. (I’m sure you have experience with this). I even have a scrapbook page I did while I was having morning sickness, and to this day (this was 10 years ago), every time I look at that page, I get nauseous. Warm feelings coming your way.


  6. First off. The middle of the night insomnia. I’m totally having that right now too. It is no fun at all.

    As far as eating goes, I’m right there with you right now. If I’m not eating, I’m nauseous. (Except for the morning when it’s not so bad). I actually just got home from a grocery run where I tried to load up on fresh fruit, cheese, crackers, nuts and seeds, and various veggies. The foods that are making my stomach turn right now are sweets, so that’s not so bad.

    With my first baby, I ate way too much fast food because I was working and it was easy. I gained a lot and he was my biggest baby. With my last baby (#3), I gained considerably less and felt better overall. I contribute this largely to a much healthier diet.

    I’ve heard that beans are supposed to help with morning sickness, so I’m planning to make some bean and cheese burritos to stick in the freezer to snack on in between meals too.

  7. Girl – feel ya. I have to eat salty foods. But really the only thing that helped a lot was taking Vitamin B6. I’ve also read magnesium helps so I’m going to be doing that for next time. I always know I’m pregnant because I start to crave ramen noodles. True story. I don’t even have to take a test. LOL
    I can’t do much cooking during the first trimester because it turns my stomach to smell food cooking. Mine dwindles around week 16. Good luck! Can’t wait to see more precious baby photos! 🙂

  8. Oh, I feel for you Mandi! I had it until exactly 12 weeks my first pregnancy (and all the way through the next two, both of which miscarried before 12 weeks). I never actually threw up, it just felt like intense motion sickness all morning and most of the afternoon. I could usually eat dinner OK. Like Katie said, it really helped to put something in my mouth before getting up in the morning, and like you are finding, something in my mouth constantly all day. I ate a lot of crackers, I recall (and oddly, still lost weight). During my last pregnancy, cold water helped. Have you tried smoothies? I remember eating a lot of those gummy ginger candies (Ginger People makes them, I think). I still sometimes find them in bags I haven’t used since then. Ginger tea, too, though I can’t stand the stuff any other time. I also found that reading and looking at a screen made it worse, so my favorite mental check out activities didn’t help!

  9. I had severe morning sickness all 9 months of all 3 of my pregnancies. With the 1st one, I drank a lifewater drink, but they changed the formula. After that, I made my own “quease-aid.” I mixed unsweetened kool-aid with fructose from the healthfood store, vitamin B capsules and a little ginger. I did manage to keep hydrated and it passed the “not too bad coming back up test!” You should try it, cherry was best!

  10. I was just wondering yesterday how things were going for you and praying that you’re able to get through the 1st trimester YUCK quickly! I would take all the 3rd trimester discomforts (including labor!) over 1st trimester wretchedness any day. All three of my pregnancies in the first trimester have been different with morning sickness duration and intensity. First one lasted weeks 6-12, next one was weeks 6-14, this one (39 weeks 3 days today!!) lasted until weeks 5-17 (or 16 if you don’t count the week of ridiculous stomach flu at the tale end. I’m counting it, though!).

    I took Zofran for the first one and this one, which helped take the edge off, and a different med for the second one that didn’t do very much.

    For this one, to combat nausea, I drank a lot of Gatorade (the feel of plain water in my mouth grossed me out), and had a lot of protein bars on hand that I would nibble on throughout the day. Not exactly an all-natural diet, but it didn’t repulse me and it kept my blood sugar up which I think helped. I mostly craved California rolls–the combo of light, salty (soy), and ginger agreed with me. The sweet little Japanese lady at the grocery store’s sushi counter got to know me well!

    My cravings and turn-offs seemed to change week to week, though I still can’t bring myself to eat split pea soup! Past turn-offs include lentils, toast, and pretty much anything with meaty, heavy smells. Other things like cheddar cheese cubes would work great for me one week, then I would have less than no desire to eat them the next. My biggest craving (and most unfulfilled, mind you) for this pregnancy has been alcohol, if you can believe it! I’m half-expecting the craving to disappear once I have the baby, just for irony’s sake 🙂

    Take it one day at a time, listen to what your body wants to eat, and do a little light movement to keep all those pregnancy hormones from settling in your middle. Godspeed! 🙂

  11. Aw…how i remember! With my daughter it was buttered toast …i mean i ate it all the time in the first trimester! With my son it was lemon. Lemon tea, homemade lemonade, lemon in my water all the time. Funny thing is anything else with him was gross especially coffee.

  12. My first midwife encouraged me to eat protein every two hours. So glad she did! It made all the difference in the world. I didn’t eat a ton, but I’d eat *something* that had protein in it, setting the timer if I needed to in order to make sure I didn’t lose track of time and end up wanting to hurl. Some of the things I liked were dry-roasted nuts by my bed so I could grab a few as soon as I woke up, keeping a mixture of crushed pineapple and cottage cheese in the fridge where I could easily grab a few bites, apple slices dipped in peanut butter, meat & cheese sandwiches pre-made in the fridge, peanut butter toast, ramen with an egg or two whisked in, apples and cheddar.

  13. I’m all about the preggie pop drops. Found these amazing things with baby #2. Now, I’m on baby #4 and I just keep em coming! Cravings…ugh. Well, because I am apparently sensitive to gluten/wheat and dairy, I just want all the stuff I can’t have. It is just so not fair. Child #3 did this to me. I have high hopes that child #4 will reset my body! But, thankfully I haven’t gained much weight compared to the other babies (not a pretty picture in my opinion…). And the stuff that makes me feel gross? It is all random. I never know what is going to happen. So weird. I just feel gross, but it never turns into having to run to the bathroom thank goodness. I try VERY hard to not play the hurling game… No thanks. My last 3 babies were boys and other than a growing belly, there wasn’t much else going on. This time (not sure what we are having yet – we find out soon. I’m 18 weeks. 2 more to go!), I’m just all over the place. So, who knows? Maybe a girl? Maybe a boy who likes to cause trouble? LOL Whatever this baby is, we will be happy!

  14. Bless your heart.
    I am a nurse and I dragged a biohazard bag to vomit in for months at work with my first. This was back in the dark ages. My doctor was not that concerned and just told me to eat crackers and sip ginger ale.
    With my second, I drank water with lemon and ice from the time I woke up until I laid down. I felt queasy a lot and got so tired of going to the bathroom every five minutes, but I never threw up.
    I also kept lots of mints handy- peppermints, wintergreen mints, cinnamon discs. The cheap ones from walmart. Having something in my mouth seemed to distract me from the ick feeling.
    With my first, I ate tomato soup and grilled cheese every night for dinner, as much as possible. My husband cannot stand that smell now. I still like it. With my second, I ate take out as much as possible and we ate dinner at my mother’s and his mother’s at least once a week. Our church hosts a Wednesday night family dinner and we rarely missed those either.
    I used to buy dinner in the hospital cafeteria with my employee discount and take enough home with me for my husband and I. The baby loved their mashed potatoes and mac and cheese.
    Priorities! I am proud of you for resting!!

  15. Citrus and sour candy helped SO MUCH

  16. I used to swear by mozzarella sticks. It sounds strange, but i think the protein really helped give my stomach something to work on and kept me feeling full longer. Good luck!

  17. I had to eat all the time or I’d get low blood sugar and get dizzy. So I ate a lot of peanut butter and jelly toast (heavy on the peanut butter!), especially because halfway through I found out dairy made my eczema worse. Before that I had craved homemade bagels with cream cheese 🙂 The only thing that made my stomach turn was pork roast and bone-in chicken. I can still smell/taste what it is that I don’t like about those foods, but it doesn’t nauseate me like it did during pregnancy. Hope you feel much better soon, and definitely put family and schooling first before blogging for this season of roughness!

  18. My go to remedy for morning sickness was homemade ginger cordial with soda water. I had morning sickness all day, every day for the first two trimesters followed by heartburn in the third, for my first child. With my second I also took a vitamin B complex with my cordial and only had morning sickness for a blessedly short three weeks but I craved double shot iced lattes throughout the second pregnancy. For me caffeine does not cause small babies, the second was ten pounds!

  19. My morning sickness didn’t begin until my third month and lasted until the end of my 6th. That’s when the diabetes and pre-eclampsia kicked in.
    My remedy was pancakes. Sometimes I could handle butter, sometimes not. During my entire pregnancy, I craved plain yellow cake (which is funny because my daughter is nuts for frosting!). Just the sight of pickles and coleslaw turned my stomach. I don’t eat either of them normally, but once at a deli, I saw a jar of pickles on the counter and yacked in a garbage can. Classy! LOL

  20. Congratulations! I haven’t stopped by your blog in few weeks. We are a homeschooling family with 5 girls and a boy (who just turned 1). And we just found out that we are expecting our 7th surprise (due 3rd week of Nov). We honestIy thought our family was complete. I am not one to keep our pregnancies a secret either. Magnesium oil has done wonders so far for this pregnancy. I spray it on my feet and legs every night. Also magnesium powder (Calm) 2x a day. Garden of Life Raw prenatal vitamins too. It is still early but I am hoping the morning sickness isn’t too bad this time around.

  21. So glad your scare was nothing! I had the same thing during my first trimester – nausea only abated by eating (mostly tacos and french fries!). My doctor recommended Diclegis and I started taking two at night and it helped tremendously. He said that it’s a class A drug and really just B6 and a slight antihistimine, so completely safe. Now I can eat broccoli and salad again (not that I’m not still craving tacos)! 🙂

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