Question of the Day: What’s Your Favorite Winter Comfort Food?

QOTD: Winter Comfort Food
source: bobjudge

Although we have gotten hardly any snow at all this winter, it’s been unbelievably cold and windy. Add  to that the fact that we keep our home at a ridiculously low temperature (currently 61 degrees), and I’m all about comfort foods that warm us up from the inside out. While I love a good soup, my husband and daughters don’t share my enthusiasm, so our comfort foods usually include a big pan of stuffed shells or baked ziti. And there’s nothing I love more for lunch than one of my Sean’s famous grilled cheese sandwiches hot off the grill.

Today I want to know…

What are your favorite comfort foods during winter?

Are you a soup and stew kinda person? Or do you prefer casseroles?

Do you have a favorite recipe that has been passed down through your family?

What are your favorite breakfasts and lunches on cold wintry days?

Looking forward to reading your answers (and adding some more ideas to my list of meals!).

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