Question of the Day: What’s Your Passion?

pursue your passion
source: Nathan Rupert

This fall, one of the topics I’m excited to blog about more is setting goals, pursuing your passion and making things happen. Without sounding too much like a self-help guru, I really am passionate about the topic and empowering others to set big goals and achieve them.

I think that sometimes we sell ourselves short in this area, especially as mothers, thinking that the only thing we should be focused on is our children. In reality, I think our children benefit from seeing us pursue our passion. They benefit from a mom who is energized and excited by the things she’s doing. And truth be told, I think they benefit from learning that as much as they make our world go round, the world doesn’t actually revolve around them.

That’s a whole series of posts for another day, but today I want to know…

What are you passionate about?

If your first answer was your kids, what else are you passionate about?

Are you pursuing your passion now, or have you put it aside for later?

If you’re not pursuing your passion, what’s holding you back?

Really looking forward to reading your answers in the comments. I’ll go first…

Mandi Ehman at Organizing Your Way