Question of the Day: Your First Computer

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Tandy 3000HL
source: Rick Payette

I still remember my first computer, a Tandy desktop that my mom and step-dad got me for Christmas when I was 7! I spent hours using PrintShop to create calendars, cards and certificates for friends and family, and I distinctly remember lying on the floor some time later carefully typing a report about Magellan (why my computer was on the floor, I don’t know).

There’s no doubt that that Tandy, as big and clunky as it was, began my love affair with technology as the first of many, many computers over the years.

Today I want to know…

When did you get your first computer?

Did you start using technology at a young age, or was it something you discovered when you were older?

Do you wish you had gotten a computer sooner? Later?

Have you been brand loyal over the years?

Looking forward to reading your answers!