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Question of the Day: When do you abandon a book?

When do you abandon a book?

In theory, I am a proponent of putting a book down if you don’t like it. In practice, it’s not something I do very often, but there have been a few I’ve abandoned over the years for various reasons—mostly poor writing (fiction) or dry, repetitive topics (nonfiction).

However, for the last two weeks, my reading progress has pretty much stalled. At first I attributed this to busyness and exhaustion, but last night I started to wonder if it was the books—Echoes and The Sacred Year—I was reading instead.

Here’s the thing…there is nothing wrong with these books. There’s nothing I particularly dislike. While The Sacred Year hasn’t lived up to my expectations so far, I still love the concept, and I want to read it, and Echoes is intriguing, if a bit slow moving and loooooong.

But how long do I keep trudging away on books that don’t capture my attention before I discard those along with the ones I genuinely dislike?

I tested this theory last night by buying myself Call the Midwife (perhaps not the wisest choice for someone who is pregnant if my dreams last night were any indication), and sure enough, I read and read and read, the reading drought forgotten.

Which leaves me wondering whether I should pick the other two books back up at some point or just consider them busts.

Today I’d love to know what this looks like for you!

Does reading the “wrong” book slow down or halt your reading progress?

What are your criteria for abandoning books?

Do you abandon those that are just “meh” or only the ones that are truly bad?

When do you feel the pressure to keep reading a book?