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Question of the Day: Is Green Living Hyped Up?

source: Evan Monro

There’s so much information thrown at us every day that it can be hard to figure out who to believe, especially when it changes constantly. I know sometimes I avoid making a decision at all (which I guess is a decision in and of itself) because I’m not sure who to trust.

And because there are so many mainstream resources that don’t support the claims of the green movement (i.e., the hazards of beauty products, the dangers of soy, etc.), I’m often torn between the two.

Today I want to know…

Do you think green living is hyped up?

What does green living mean to you?

Do you think the green movement is just a fad?

Are you concerned about the future of our environment?

What about the effects that chemicals in everyday products have on our health?

Do you have a source that you trust for information on “green” living?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

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