Quick Tip: A New Approach to Rotating Seasonal Wardrobes

Rotating the Spring Wardrobe
Piles and piles and piles of girls clothes!

With each child we’ve added to our family, I’ve noticed that rotating seasonal wardrobes has become more and more of a headache. For the past two years, I’ve been looking for a system to help me simplify the process, and I think I finally found it this year.

In the past, rotating their seasonal clothing has meant having each of them try on a dozen outfits to see what fits and what doesn’t. The problem with this method — other than the amount of time that takes — is that at the end of the season, the sizes and seasons end up all mixed up. When it’s time to rotate them again, I have to dig through a dozen boxes ranging in size from 0-3 months to 5/6 to find all of the outfits that fit each of our daughters.

This year, I’d had enough. I dumped out all of the gray bins that we use for storage and began sorting them by size. I decided that each child would only wear the clothes in her size, even if it meant that some of the outfits were too big to wear at the start of the season and that there were other cute outfits packed away in different sizes that might still fit. Doing it this way means that when it’s time to switch the clothes again, I will simply take each girls’ clothes and pack them into the appropriate box, pulling out the cold weather items in their current size.

No more digging through multiple boxes in search of clothes that might fit.

No more wondering where a certain outfit that I know should fit has run off to.

I know it may seem a little arbitrary to do it by size, especially since sizing varies from manufacturer to manufacturer…and it is. When I only had two kids, it wasn’t a huge deal to go through all of the clothes each time. But with four stair-step girls (their current sizes are 5/6, 4T, 3T and 12mos), it really was getting to be way too much.

To deal with some sizing variances, I keep my handy Sharpie marker nearby, and when I come across an outfit that doesn’t fit according to the size on its label, I just change the size.

So far this system is working for us, and I’m actually looking forward to switching the clothes out in the fall to see if it goes as smoothly as I think it will!

What method do you use to rotate your kids’ clothes?