Quick Tip: Always Have Pen & Paper Available

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Pen & Paper
source: Laura Kishimoto

An important part of being productive is emptying your mind with regular brain dumps so that you’re not trying to remember things while working on a project or your to-do list, even subconsciously. As part of this, I’ve gotten into the habit of carrying paper with me everywhere so that I’m not scouring for a pen and writing notes on the back of junk mail, napkins or whatever I can find.

That means I have a couple pads downstairs, a couple upstairs, one in the car, one in each of my bags and so on.

I’m really not picky about the type of paper I use, and I use everything from promotional notepads to a steno pad depending on my mood, but I think having a pad or notebook is especially important when you’re on the go so that your notes are all contained in one place.

Do you carry pen & paper with you? Are you picky about what type you use?