Quick Tip: Create Kindle Collections

Tip: Create Kindle Collections
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In the year that I’ve had my Kindle, I’ve amassed over 350 books (all but 3 of those were free!). I’ve probably read about 50 of those so far, across a variety of genres, but I was quickly growing frustrated trying to navigate through pages and pages and pages of book titles to find one that I might want to read, whether I was looking for a specific title or just a certain genre.

It was only a couple of months ago that I discovered that you can create Collections on your Kindle, and I’ve worked a little bit at a time to organize my books to make them easier to browse (sometimes this means going back to Amazon to refresh my memory on a book’s topic since I do download so many of their freebies that I might not be familiar with otherwise!).

Here’s how to organize your Kindle books by collections:

1. Create collections from your Home page by clicking the Menu button and selecting Create New Collection. Type in the name of your collection and select Save.

2. To organize your books, tap the 5-way controller to the right, where you’ll be given a variety of options related to that individual book. Tap the controller to select Add to Collection…

3. Scroll through your existing collections with the 5-way controller and tap the controller to Add to This Collection (tap again to Remove from This Collection). A book can be added to multiple collections.

4. To create a new collection from this page, scroll all the way down to Create New Collection and type in the name of your collection and select Save.

5. Once you’re done, you can scroll down to the Done button at the bottom of the page, or you can simply hit the Back button on your Kindle twice to get back to the list of books. (Believe me, when you’re organizing 300 books, that Back button trick saves a ton of time!)

One thing to keep in mind, though, is that Collections are stored locally on your Kindle. This means that they don’t sync across devices or with your Amazon Digital Collection, and if you upgrade or replace your Kindle, you’ll have to start back at square one. Hopefully Amazon will make this a global feature sometime in the near future!

Do you organize your Kindle books by collection?

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