Quick Tip: Declutter When You're Frustrated

Quick Tip: Declutter When You're Frustrated
source: vauvau

As I’ve been focused on the book project for the past month, I’ve been in “survival mode” at home. The basics are getting done, but we’ve lowered our standards and I’m starting to see clutter build up around our home — a pile here, a messy closet there.

But I’ve noticed a funny thing — while I can ignore the clutter when I need to for the most part, after a while it starts to grate on me.

And when it starts to grate on me, I get an itch (kind of like the itch I get when pregnant and nesting) to declutter.

When I can’t resist it anymore and I start decluttering, I find that it’s a lot easier to let go of things. I use a more critical eye, and I’m ruthless in my decluttering. And the end result is an uncluttered space!

So today’s quick tip…declutter when your frustrated. Don’t put it off. Grab a trash bag and a giveaway box and go through that closet or drawer or cabinet right away. It’s much easier when you’re motivated, especially if you’re motivated by frustration!

Do you declutter when you’re frustrated, or do you wait until the “perfect” time when you really have time to go through everything carefully?