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Quick Tip: Don’t Make Your Photos Clickable

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uploading-photosIf you click on a picture here at Life Your Way, one of two things happens: either a new tab or page opens up with the original photo source or…nothing.

However, if you read a lot of blogs, chances are that you’ve accidentally clicked on a picture and it’s taken you away from the post you’re reading to either what looks like a blank post with nothing but that photo on it (like this) or just the photo all by itself (like this). That can be very distracting because it doesn’t typically offer you any additional information and you have to then take the time to go back and find your place again.

If this happens on your blog, there is a quick and easy way to make your photos static images rather than hyperlinked images.

Understanding the Code

First, let’s look at the code behind images and hyperlinks.

In HTML, an image code looks like this:

<img src=”URL”>

There is often additional information inside the <img> tag, but all you really need is the source with the proper URL of the image in order for it to show up.

To create a hyperlink in HTML, your code would look like this:

<a href=”URL”>HYPERLINK</a>

Again, you’ll often find additional information within the <a> tag, but the “href” is all you need in order to show which URL the link takes you to. The hyperlink in the middle can be text, or it can be an image tag, like the one in the example above.

So if the photos on your blog are wrapped in <a> tags, they are links. To make them static images, you just remove everything except for the <img> tag itself.

Removing the Hyperlink

Fortunately, WordPress makes this easy to do when uploading an image:

The line with the orange arrow shows you where your photo is hyperlinked to. Use the buttons underneath to change that link. File URL refers to the photo location itself, while post URL will show the photo as if it is a post of its own. If you want to remove the hyperlink altogether, simply click None.

Easy as pie!

An Exception to the Rule

Now, there may be situations where you want it hyperlinked, either because you are inserting a smaller version of the photo and you want your readers to be able to see the full-size version or because you are adding additional information in the description field that will show up on the post page. In these cases, my personal preference is to add the target=”_blank” tag within the <a> tag so that it opens in a new tab or window, but there are arguments against using those as well, so you’ll have to decide for yourself.

If there is no benefit to opening the picture in a new window — which I think includes about 90% of all images — then I highly, highly recommend disabling that by removing the hyperlink!

Do you have hyperlinked images on your blog?