Quick Tip: In-Plain-View Budget Bulletin Board

bulletin board

The following quick tip comes from Tacy from Homemaking Habits:

We needed a simpler way to keep track of expenses, so we turned a bulletin board into a method for tracking our income and expenses. 


First, we labeled the various categories, and after this photo was taken, we added the budgeted amount to each category in red. Then, whenever we made a purchase, we used pushpins to tack the receipt up under its respective category, with the sum total of expenses for that category tallied on the top receipt. If we didn’t have a receipt, we tacked up a post-it note in its place, with the amount spent and the total sum for the category.

Its Perks

Like the cash-and-envelope budgeting system, a great thing about this method is that it’s tangible. But it is more convenient than the cash system because you can still use your credit or debit card.  And unlike a checkbook or online system, which can be “out of sight, out of mind,” this is in plain view, so you cannot forget how much you’ve spent!

Of course, because it is in plain view, you may want to put it in an office or find a way to make it discreet when you have visitors.

Do you have a unique budget system that works for your family?

Tacy Williams Beck lives in Annapolis, Maryland and is expecting her second baby girl this October. She teaches Botany to 2nd and 3rd graders at a Classical School, while her husband Stephen pursues his Ph.D in Greek and Latin Classics. Some of Tacy’s passions (besides reading and writing!) include homemaking, theology, and ballet. She blogs at Homemaking Habits.