Quick Tip: Know When to Say No

just say no
source: Anne-Lise Heinrichs

Recently I turned down an incredible opportunity — one that I would have very much liked to say yes to — because I knew it was going to be too much for me to handle. Okay, in reality, I said yes and then realized that I should not have and would not be able to meet my obligations throughout the duration, so then I said no.

But saying no flipped a switch inside of me.

You see, I’ve been a work-at-home mom for as long as I’ve been a mom, and I’ve had many experiences that have taught me to diversify rather than concentrating on one or two opportunities.

I’ve also long believed that the key to success is working your tail off, and I’m willing to work hard now to reap the benefits later.

Those two things have made me reluctant to turn down opportunities, especially really great ones. But I’m at a place where I want to start reaping the benefits — now, before my kids get too much bigger — and that means being content with my current businesses rather than always looking for more.

This week, I also came across from this post from Chris Garrett on saying no. His main point is that even if we can make time in our schedule for another thing, it doesn’t mean we should.

Sometimes an opportunity comes along that is worth stretching yourself to take on.

But sometimes we’ve taken on so many “good” opportunities that by the time a “great” one comes along, we really can’t make room for it.

The key is knowing when to say no and being willing to take that chance.

This year, I’ll be practicing saying no. How about you?