Quick Tip: Pack a To-Go Bag for Easy Outings

To-Go Bag

Although we are out of the diaper bag stage and the things we need to take with us on outings is much less than it was when we had several kids under three, we still have a list of things that are helpful to have when we run out for a playdate, family outing or even just to run errands.

However, there’s nothing more stressful than being ill-prepared for a last-minute invite to the pool or park. When that happens — or when we decide to head to town after being stuck at home all week — we usually end up rushing around the house like chickens with our heads cut off, frantically gathering what we need (except for the things we end up forgetting!), and leaving a disaster in our wake.

One way we’ve avoided this in the past — and a strategy we’re reimplementing this summer — is by keeping a To-Go Bag packed and ready!

What you’ll include in your bag depends on your most common destinations. For example, if you regularly go to the pool or beach, add bathing suits, swimmies and towels to your To-Go Bag. If you like to hike and explore, you may want to include bug repellant. Or if you have a long drive “to town” like we do, snacks and water bottles are a must.

Here are some more ideas of things to include:

  • sunscreen
  • bug repellant
  • bandaids & first aid cream
  • tweezers (for splinters and ticks)
  • snacks
  • water bottles or juice boxes
  • gum
  • change of clothes (even just a couple extra long t-shirts that could be used in a clothing emergency)
  • bathing suits
  • swimmies & goggles
  • towels
  • plastic bags (fold them to keep them neat)
  • diapers & wipes

Whenever you get home from an outing, simply replenish the bag before bedtime so that it’s ready again for the next adventure.

What do you forget to take with you most often? (For us, it’s water bottles!)