Quick Tip: Reuse Small Containers for Convenience

source: Robert S. Donovan
source: Robert S. Donovan

The other day, Tanna at Complete Organizing Solutions mentioned that Play-Doh is a summer sanity saver. I couldn’t agree more, and it’s an activity we pull out almost every week.

I know that many people make their own Play-Doh, but I’ll admit we prefer the convenience and even the texture and classic smell of regular Play-Doh. And if I’m really being honest, I especially love those teeny tiny “party pack” containers of Play-Doh because it lets me give the girls a couple of different colors without ending up with a whole container of brown Play-Doh at the end.

That said, the frugal part of me refuses to actually buy those containers just for the convenience. Instead, I save the tiny ones we have and simply refill them as necessary from the larger, less expensive containers.

This is a principle that can be used in many, many different areas of our homes. Buying in bulk is often less expensive (unless what you’ve bought will go to waste), but not always more convenient.

To balance the money savings with the convenience, save the fun little Cheerios snack container you bought one time and refill it from a box of Cheerios over and over again.

Buy cleaning solutions in bulk or concentrate (or make your own) and simply use the original spray bottle again and again.

Is there anything you’ve been hesitating to buy in bulk because you don’t want to give up the convenience of smaller containers?