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Quick Tip: Reuse Packing Materials for Arts & Crafts

Just sitting in boxes reading.

Living out in the boonies, we do a fair amount of our gift shopping online (since we’re rarely in town by ourselves or with time to browse and look for the perfect gift!). Because of this, we have tons of extra boxes and packing materials, and I’m always looking for creative things to do with them.

Although some companies (ahem,…) still use plastic bubbles for shipping, a lot have moved to greener packing products, such as biodegradable packing peanuts and paper. These, and the boxes themselves, are quickly claimed by our girls for all kinds of fun projects:

  • Use biodegradable packing peanuts to create fun projects. Simply dab the ends of them on a damp sponge and stick the damp ends together to make shapes, animals and other creations! You can even use gel-based paints to paint them!
  • Use the individual pieces of brown packing paper for painting, coloring and drawing. Yeah, they’re brown, but you can still do a lot with them!
  • Smooth out larger pieces of packing paper and create shadow drawings that you can decorate. Or work on a collaborative art project where each person paints a portion of the picture.
  • Use cardboard boxes as robot costumes, vehicles or shadowbox. Or unfold them and paint a mural!

How do you reuse or repurpose packing materials?