Quick Tip: Storing Summer Gear Together for Easy Access

source: Lin Pernille Photography
source: Lin Pernille Photography

Although summer is an easier season than winter in many ways, I find that we still have a lot of gear – sunscreen, hats, water bottles, bathing suits, towels, bubbles, chalk and so on.

Rather than keeping these items in their “proper” places – i.e., bathing suits with the clothes, towels in the linen closet, sunscreen in the bathroom, et cetera – I use a large basket in our front closet to keep most of what we need in a single location where it’s easy to find and easy to get to.

Having everything together means that when my girls want to go outside, it’s no longer a 20-minute ordeal to find and gather everything we need before we head out. And I use a plastic tote so that I can just grab it and take it outside with us without worrying about whether it will end up dirty.

Whether your favorite destination is the pool, the park, the library or your backyard, keeping everything you need in one place makes it easier to get out the door. Just remember to restock it at the end of each day!