Quick Tip: Use ClipX to Save Your Copy History

CopyX Review
Hi. My name is Mandi, and I have obsessive copying disorder.

Several times a day, I copy something with the intention of pasting it right away only to get distracted and end up copying something else over it before I make it to my final destination.

Please tell me someone else out there does this too!

This weekend I discovered a nifty little tool that not only solves this particular issue of mine but also comes in very handy while working on the design and coding for Life Your Way.

ClipX is tiny little program you download to your computer which keeps a file of everything you copy (up to 1,024 items, although I have mine set at 50).

You just use a special keyboard combination to see your list (for example, mine is set as shift+ctrl+v since I already use ctrl+v to paste normally) and you can quickly paste anything from your history.

Seriously, this has revolutionized by online browsing and blogging!

To install:

1. Visit the ClipX page and download the latest version of ClipX.

2. Open the downloaded file to install the program.

3. There will be a little clipboard that shows up with your system icons (on the right side of your taskbar). Right click on that and click Configure to change the number of items ClipX should save for you and the keyboard shortcut you want to use to view your history. There are other settings as well, but I haven’t played with too many of them yet!

That’s it!

Do you have obsessive copying disorder?