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Quick Tip: Write Down Your Goals for Yourself as a Mother

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I don’t think there is any mother who would claim to be perfect. But so often we get stuck in a rut, wishing we could do better — be better — without ever taking the time to define what that really looks like in our lives.

This week, think about your goals as a mother. Don’t try to force it and become someone you’re not, though. Crafts and baking together are good things, but they’re not the definition of a good mother, and you can’t define yourself by someone else’s standards.

Instead, think about who you want to be. How you want your kids to emember you. And who you want them to be when they grow up.

Then, write down what that looks like in your life.

Do you need to practice putting down what you’re working on and looking your child in the eye when they speak to you (like Sarah from Bella Luna Toys)?

Do you want to spend more time praying for your kids?

Do you want to use positive parenting tools rather than scolding and punishing?

It doesn’t matter what your goals are — from taking more time to cuddle to breaking the yelling habit — writing down who you want to be as a mother is an important part of making that vision a reality!

Me? I want to take more time to enjoy my kids for who they are and to see what they really need when they’re fussing, acting out or bickering.

What are your goals this year as a mother?