Quick Tip: Maximize Your Blogging

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source: Kristina B
source: Kristina B

Almost anyone who blogs will tell you that blogging is a time-consuming commitment. Because I maintain several blogs and don’t want to sacrifice more time than I have to with my family, I look for every time-saving tip I can find.

Here are a few quick tips that work for me:

Write Quickly

Professional writers will tell you that the key to producing quality – and quantity – content is to just write. Don’t edit, don’t backspace, don’t stop and think. Just write! I love these writing tips from Problogger and follow them myself, although I often leave editing until another day, when I can look at the content with fresh eyes.

Write in Batches Outside of Your Blogging Platform

I find that if I simply focus on writing and actually compose my posts in a word processor (or my favorite software program – OneNote), I don’t get distracted by formatting and options, and I’m able to write batches of posts much more quickly.

Find Your Pictures Ahead of Time

Even if you don’t write your posts ahead of time, I would encourage you to think through your posts for the week and set aside a time to find all of the pictures you’ll need that week. For me, finding photos can be the most time-consuming part of posting, but it’s become much less of a headache since I started doing it this way. Every Sunday night I think about my posts for the week and search for photos that I’d like to use. I usually grab a few more than I actually need just in case I change my mind along the way.

I use OneNote to keep track of the photographers name and a link back to the photo so that I can give them proper credit, and then when it’s time to post, everything is ready to go.

What about you? What time-saving tips do you use for your blogging? What do you think is the most time-consuming part of blogging?