Quick Tip: Using Your Laundry Basket Around Your Home

The following guest post is from Marci at Overcoming Busy:

source: FloydSlip
source: FloydSlip

I have a secret weapon to fight clutter at my house. You probably have one or two of your own and don’t even know it yet! This weapon is so powerful I can use it in any room and it can give an almost instant room transformation.

What is this awesome secret? My laundry basket!!

The laundry basket is not just for laundry. Oh no! I do keep one in the laundry room for the laundry, but the other basket is all over the house. I use it in the living room, in the bedrooms, in the toyroom… Basically, my laundry basket is my clutter collector. When I am cleaning an area of the house and need to de-clutter, I just put the items that don’t belong in the room in my laundry basket. After the cleaning is finished, I just take my basket and deliver the items to the appropriate rooms. That way, I’m not putting away just one item at a time or filling up another area with clutter while I’m cleaning.

At the end of the day, one of the last things I do before going to bed is take a quick trip through the living room and kitchen with my laundry basket. I throw whatever does not belong into the basket and deliver the items to their proper rooms on my way to bed. This also works great when we are expecting company. Instead of making everyone’s life miserable trying to keep the house tidy, I just make a breeze through the house right before company arrives, throw the clutter in the basket and stash the basket in the laundry room to be dealt with later. This keeps everyone much happier.

My goal is to keep life simple, not busy. Visit me at overcomingbusy.com.

Mandi here: We also use laundry baskets for this purpose (although I’ll admit we have a few more than two!). I find that it’s a great tool for cleaning, decluttering and straightening because I don’t have to walk back and forth between rooms several times.

Do you use laundry baskets in this way? What other things do you use to help you in your decluttering and straightening?