Quick Tip: Where Do You Do Your Best Thinking?

Tara from Deal Seeking Mom and I have been joking for years that all of our best ideas come to us in the shower. Maybe it’s because that’s the only time that there are no little people vying for our attention!

It turns out we’re not the only ones, and Jeri recently shared some options for writing in the shower over at Jeri’s Organizing and Decluttering News.

I had asked my husband to pick up the following supplies for me during the week we looked at To-Do Lists, and this week I finally got around to making my own idea board. This is a simple and easy project and an easy way to capture those thoughts that come to you in the shower.

Small piece of Plexiglas (mine is 8.5 x 11)
2 small suction cups
A drill

Simply drill two small holes in two of the corners of your board. Insert the suction cup cooks. Wet your suction cups and attach them to your shower wall. Voila!

For less than $5 you have a place to capture all of your ideas!

You could easily add some colored or designer contact paper to the back of your board to dress it up a little bit as well, especially if your shower wall is bare like mine!

When do you do your best thinking? Is it in the shower? In the early morning while you drink your coffee or tea? While waiting for an appointment? Do you have a way to easily record the ideas that come to you in those moments?