You are currently viewing Quilted Northern toilet paper, because it’s designed to be forgotten

Quilted Northern toilet paper, because it’s designed to be forgotten

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This elephant sculpture in our bathroom sees all and forgets nothing. #HelpMeForget #ad

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When we picked up this cool metal elephant sculpture on an anniversary trip a few years ago and gave him a home in our bathroom, we weren’t thinking about elephants’ remarkable memories. We brought him home and gave him a perch high on top of the bathroom cabinet, where he has a spectacular view of the whole bathroom. Now, this poor guy witness everything that happens in that room…and, true to his species, can’t forget any of it!

Have you seen Quilted Northern’s #HelpMeForget video series, directed by Academy Award nominee Bennett Miller? These hysterical ad spots feature ill-fated bathroom objects who are left to witness the comings and the goings in the bathroom. From Daddy Gator to Little Miss Puffytail, these poor characters aren’t as lucky as those of us who use Quilted Northern, the toilet paper that was designed to be forgotten!

Poor Great Grandpa Thaddeus…

Click here to see all 6 of the Designed to be Forgotten videos!

Then, take a look around your own bathroom…what forgotten characters are stuck watching it all? A rubber ducky, an abandoned bath toy, the characters of a painting? You’ll never view them the same!

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