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kids-information-printableA few weeks ago, Mandy emailed me and described the “legacy drawer” that she and her husband were putting together based on Dave Ramsey’s advice. Although it’s hard to think about, a legacy drawer contains all of the information that people would need if something were to happen to you, and Mandy wanted to record information about her kids there as well — their favorites, routines, food preferences and more.

Incidentally, when I shared this printable with her, Amy from Resourceful Mommy recommended the book Wear Clean Underwear: A Fast, Fun, Friendly and Essential Guide to Legal Planning for Busy Parents, which I bought for my Kindle right away because this has been on our mind lately.

Although preparing for your death isn’t pleasant to think about, knowing that the people caring for your kids will know “the ‘important’ stuff that might make all the difference in that type of horrible circumstance” (in Mandy’s words) is a small comfort.

Additionally, I think this printable will come in handy when leaving our kids with my mom the next time my husband and I go out of town together, and it could also serve as a fun way to record your kids’ favorites and routines as they grow!

Click here download or print the kids information sheet.

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