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paper clutter
source: Lindsey T

Overwhelmingly, most of the responses to last week’s question of the day (Where do you struggle to get organized?) pointed to paper clutter. The unending influx of paper — school paper, work paper, junk mail, bills, catalogs, magazines, homeowners association notices, tax records, medical records and on and on and on — makes it hard to catch up or create a system for organizing your paperwork, and a lot of times we just give up trying…which doesn’t really work either.

Personally, it’s the permanent records that I need to keep — rather than the transient paperwork that goes in and out of the house every day — that causes me the most trouble. My file cabinet is tightly packed with medical records, mortgage documents, tax returns and more.

My goal for the first quarter of 2011 is to get all of my old paperwork scanned and uploaded to my account. The system itself is easy to maintain. Email or text information straight into your account so that you can keep it updated while you’re on the go rather than waiting until you have time to sit down and do it all!

As I’ve mentioned before, is a service created by moms for moms to help you organize all of your household information in one place.

Immunization records. Prescriptions. Appointments. Home repairs. Contact lists. Birthday calendars. School records.

If your goal in 2011 — like mine — is to simplify and declutter, or if you’re looking for a way to organize all of the moving parts of your life, is an affordable, simple way to do just that.

Try today with the free AboutOne Passport, which gives you 17 full days of use (which don’t have to be used consecutively) to explore features and begin recording your family’s important information. After that, the monthly plan is just $5/mo., or you can save with the yearly plan at just $30/yr.