Remembering the Little Moments with AboutOne

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Each of my girls has had a few words that they say funny, things like “guesteses” for guests, “pan-a-cakes” for pancakes, “peep” for, well, pee. The baby just learned that a doggy says ruff-ruff, except she makes this cute little sound from her throat with her lips sealed tight instead of actually saying ruff-ruff.

I hope I’ll remember these things as they get older, but the truth is I can barely remember the cute things they said yesterday, let alone six months ago.

When our oldest was a baby, I was careful to record every cute thing, every amazing thing and every silly thing she did. I’ve never been one for baby books, so most of these stories went on my personal blog.

I continued to record stories (albeit less of them than before) after our second daughter was born, and the number continued to dwindle after our third and fourth daughters were born.

At one point I was sending cute “Ehmanisms” to my mom via email regularly, but lately I’ve just stopped writing them down altogether, save for a few that I share over IM or Facebook, like the story of our oldest copying sight words out of her reading book in her very best serif handwriting or how the baby waves enthusiastically every time my mom’s picture shows up in the Skype window.

I know I’m not the only mom who forgets to write all of the cute/funny/silly things down, and so does the team behind

So while you’re recording your family’s medical history, your list of recent home repairs and last quarter’s report cards in your online home management notebook, you can also add all of those cute little stories, along with pictures and other notes, to your AboutOne account, where they’re kept safe and secure. Log in and add them from your dashboard or send them from your email or cell phone as they happen!

Having them in your account, where you know they won’t get lost or forgotten, is a start, but AboutOne will also create an automatic newsletter for you that you can print or email to send to friends and family…or even to create your own memory book at home.

Sign up for a free 15-day trial with today and see just how easy it is!